Changing the way we look at the world
A paradigm (pronounced "paradime") is a world view (a way of looking at the world).
We all look at the world around us in accordance with a certain paradigm. The paradigm we use depends on what we believe is reliable and true.

Scientific materialism is a very powerful paradigm that many people use today to find answers to some of the issues that face humanity.  
But does this paradigm really explain our world? 

We believe that it cannot.
This web site is all about science and nature from a different perspective. We hope that in some small way, it will help you discover something about creation which is new. A discovery that may cause you to experience a paradigm shift that will change the way you look at the world.
This site is changing (evolving!) all the time.  

At the moment I am working on adding regular blogs about evolution.  

Also have a YouTube channel with vidoes on various topics to do with evolution.