Changing the way we look at the world
In this blog I focus on the design of creation, but may also include some stuff on bioethics and some general apologetics.  
Transitional Fossils

I have been looking at the fossil Morganucodon which is believed to represent a transitional stage in the evolution of non-mammalian synapsids to mammals.

After a close look at the evidence I believe that the evidence is more consistent with the classification of Morganucodon as a mammal with a mammalian jaw joint and middle ear bones.

I wrote a paper about this for the Journal of Creation published by Creation Ministries International



In the latest blog post on whales is about Dorudon and dolphins.

Where I compare the two two creatures and ask if it is possible that they share a common ancestor.  The design features of a dolphin effectively rules out evolution.


The origin of life

In this blog post I want to review an article recently posted by Science Daily about the origin of life. 
The sub-title is: 
An experiment in recreating primordial proteins solves a long-standing riddle”. Click here for the paper.
The riddle is the origin of positively charged amino acids, like arginine and lysine, which are part of almost all proteins found in living things. 
But before looking at the solution to this problem, consider the whole notion of primordial proteins arising spontaneously in a primordial soup...


Is evolution really happening?

This is a blog post about an article on the website of the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) with the title:
 How do we know that evolution is really happening?

We are told that:

“The idea that species gradually change over many generations is the cornerstone of biology.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the first part of that statement....